Streets Alive! chair is Citizen of the Year

Congratulations to Leslie Fournier, the Streets Alive! chair and the tough-minded whirlwind behind the re-invigoration of our downtown streets. Here’s the link to the Packet article on what she has brought to the city of Orillia. Her vision and strength explain why everything she’s been involved with in her quest to breathe new life into the city has been so successful, from the inaugural Festival of Banners to the latest incarnation of Streets Alive, the 2011 Sixty Sails project. Thanks for all you do, fearless leader!


2 thoughts on “Streets Alive! chair is Citizen of the Year

  1. Marg A Gurr says:

    I am so proud and happy for you Leslie! You deserve every glowing accolade that comes your way! Yours is not only the gift of an enthusiastic visionary…it’s much, much more. It’s your uniqueness of heart and soul, the spirit with which you embrace possibility, and the integrity with which you see things through and beyond. Participating in your initiatives is truly an honor. Congrats many times over!
    Marg Gurr

  2. Jimi McKee says:

    Orillia has been black and white until the last few years. Its salvation is with people like you that will blast us into the next milennium feet first in technicolour. We all need to take up the torch to expand the one horizon that will carry the name of Orillia as a great central art community in the future.

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