Artist info update – important

From Leslie:


–       Sand the Chair lightly with about 240 Grit Sandpaper.
–       Use good-quality Acrylic (suitable for outdoors) or Exterior Latex Paints.

–       Please only use: Flecto Varathane / Water based / Diamond Clear / Exterior Use.
–       Chair will need 4 – 6 Coats!

– We will be sealing the lexan panel to the Chair armrests at a later date.
– You can unscrew and remove the ‘top piece’ of the Chair armrests to paint and work inside these armrests.
– And … to avoid any confusion: the bulk of your design goes on the Chair ‘cushions’ (and I suggest working on these first); however, the entire Chair needs to be painted (or decoupaged, decorated, etc.).

PHOTOS for the Guidebook
– Photos will be taken at your studio or residence between May 21 – 31.
– We will be in touch to schedule this (headshot of each artist / Chair).

–       We need our Sponsors to continue the Streets Alive project!
–       Please thank them and send them email and photo updates.

–       Voting on the Chairs is by ‘People’s Choice’! The more people that know about your Chair, the more voting will take place.
–       HOW? Get all of your contacts to join the Orillia Streets Alive Facebook Group. (Don’t underestimate the power of social media!)
–       Post photos of your Chair coming to life on our Facebook page.
–       Tweet / Blog / Email / Write / Talk about YOUR Chair and the project at every opportunity! It takes ALL of us to build the 2012 Leacock Chairs project to its full potential! Let’s rock this town 😉

Artist update

Here’s a note from the Streets Alive chairperson, Leslie Fournier:

We now have ALL 50 Sponsored Artists / Chairs for the 2012 Leacock Chairs Project!
We are thrilled to move on to the very exciting next step of the project!

Chair pick-up begins tomorrow. Instructions are below. For those who emailed asking for their chair to be delivered: this will happen on Wednesday / Thursday / Friday of this week. To help offset the cost of gas for our volunteer driver, the Delivery Charge is $10 if you live in town and $20 if you are out of town.

– Chairs are available beginning on April 10 (from 10am to noon and from 4pm to 7pm).
– Pick-up location is 3 Royce Ave, Orillia (off of Queen St. W. / near the old Canadian Tire Building). This is our chairmaker Ron Schell’s studio. Ron has Unit #5 — pull around the back side of the building.
– Please make every effort to pick up your chair (you need a pickup truck OR empty van).
– If you can NOT get your chair and need it delivered, send me an email, please!

– Cushions are removable from the chairs (so you can work on the cushions separately).
– Chairs come primed grey.
– Good-quality acrylics or exterior latex both work (but feel free to share ideas / paint choices and suppliers among yourselves, ‘artists to artists’).
– Finished chairs need to be coated with varathane (we will give you the best product name when you pick up your chair).
– Artists will have approximately SIX WEEKS to paint their chairs.
– Finished chairs will be photographed May 21–31.

– We will have your cheques ($300) for you when you pick up your chairs. (Twenty-five of the cheques will be post-dated to May 1 and 12 to June 1 to allow us to get all of the sponsorship money collected).