Artist FAQs — updated January 14/12

1. How do sponsors pick a design?
When a business or person indicates they want to sponsor (own) a Leacock Chair, they are shown one of the binders of designs. They choose one they love to sponsor. (The choosing of designs is on a ‘first come basis’.) When a design is picked, Leslie, the Streets Alive! chair, writes ‘Sponsored’ on it but leaves it in the binder.

2. How do I know if my design has been sponsored?
Leslie will send you an email to let you know.

3. How do ‘Group Sponsors’ work?
A dozen (or more) of the Chairs will be sponsored by several businesses/individuals grouped together. Each sponsor gives a portion of the $1,750 sponsorship amount. Group-sponsored Chairs are owned by Streets Alive! and will go up for auction at the end of the project. 

4. What are the next steps?
Here is the basic timeline of events:
– April 9: Chairs are ready for artists pick-up / painting. (We will keep you posted on pick-up location(s).)
– May 21: Chairs are painted and ready to be photographed.
– June 23: Grand Unveiling of Leacock Chairs in downtown Orillia. (People’s Choice voting begins. One ballet per person.)
– July 27: ‘People’s Choice’ voting ends.
– July 28: ‘People’s Choice’ prize winners announced!

5. What should I do in the next weeks and months?
– join the Streets Alive Facebook group. Ask your friends to join as well. (Most of the hype and promotion of the project is via social media! Get your friends on our Facebook page to see photos, get updates and get excited! The more we can spread the word and build the story, the more we ALL benefit.)
– help us with Group Sponsors. We are aiming for groups of 10 people for each group-sponsored chair. This means each person/business would contribute $175 toward a Chair. This is VERY do-able for most! Just think how easy this would be if each of us lined up ONE sponsor at the $175 group level. (*Important* We cannot guarantee that finding one or two $175 level sponsors will result in YOUR chair being sponsored. Streets Alive! puts the groups together from a mix of sponsors. You are only guaranteed to paint a Chair if you have FULL sponsorship of $1,750.)
Finding sponsors at the $175 Group level helps the project come to life. This helps all of us.
(Please make sure that $175 level sponsors know that they can’t ‘pick’ a Chair.)
Cheques are made out to Streets Alive. Please let Leslie know if you have collected a cheque for Group Sponsorship (

6.  When do we get the $300 Artists Honorarium?
We anticipate cheques will be available for pick-up at the beginning of April.

Let Leslie know if you have any other questions. In the meantime, thank you for all of your work in creating such spectacular Leacock Chair designs! Enjoy looking them over at Apple Annie’s Cafe on Mississaga Street in downtown Orillia.



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