People’s Choice voting

People’s Choice voting means everyone can vote for their top 5 favourite Leacock Chairs. $20,000 in prize money is at stake: 1st Place $10,000, 2nd Place $5,000, 3rd Place $2,500, 4th Place $1,500, 5th Place $1,000.

Voting is open until 12 noon July 28. The winners will be announced at 4 p.m.

Ballots are at Jack & Maddy–A Kids’ Store ONLY: 143 Mississaga St. E., Orillia. You must show photo I.D. when you submit your ballot. We need to make sure each person votes only once so it is fair to all artists.

You need to mark your ballot with the chair number of up to five of your favourite chairs. The numbers are on the chairs. If you find a chair without a number, or need to refer to the guidebook to confirm your chair choices, the PAGE numbers ARE the CHAIR numbers. (Map numbers are completely separate – do not record these as your votes.)

Guidebooks are $2 at Jack & Maddy and various other downtown merchants.


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