The 2013, Letter of Orillia prototype

Before and after

Here is the prototype letter to show you what magic can be worked with a basic template. Its curvy style was chosen to match the Streets Alive logo. The font the artists will be working with is Aachen, which is a very solid, chunky font. The letters assigned to the artists will be up to the sponsors, once they choose an artist’s design.

Before, with Streets Alive! chair Leslie Fournier:

After, designed by letter-fabricator Ron Schell:


7 thoughts on “The 2013, Letter of Orillia prototype

    • Leslie Fournier says:

      Hi Gail – There will be 32 Letter Sculptures on the street for the project. We have had several inquiries as to ‘Why Letters?’ Here is some info for you, that I posted recently on our facebook page: I have seen a lot of Letter and Word sculpture in different cities around the world that I found intriguing and quite interactive in terms of public appeal. The idea of doing individual Letters as sculpture has been incubating in my brain for awhile. With the new and fabulous award winning Orillia Public Library now open in our Downtown core, ‘Letter Sculpture’ seemed like a nice fit for 2013. Capital Letters as sculpture are varied, bold and interesting by design! Add some absolutely stunning artwork by 32 fabulous artists and you have a street scape unlike any other. Hope you get a chance to see it!

  1. Liz Hurtubise Anderson says:

    Hi Leslie;
    Where are the names of the artists shown? Is it a secret until the winner is revealed? 🙂

    Just wondering…I’d like to know who the creative people are!


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