Streets Alive is celebrating seven years of outdoor art and creativity with the 2015 DOORS of Downtown Orillia project. Artists will source out and repurpose old doors, creating unique and inspiring works of art by painting, carving, tiling… whatever inventive ways they can think of to make their door a unique testament to their talent.

Thirty-seven transformed doors, free-standing on cement pedestals, will be unveiled on June 20, 2015, at our Doors kickoff event in downtown Orillia. The Doors will remain outdoors on display for the entire summer.

To participate as an artist, click here for entry information.

If you are interested in sponsoring and owning one of the Doors or hearing more about the project, please contact leslie@orilliastreetsalive.ca.

Streets Alive is a multi-award–winning program that has been featured on CBC radio and at the national BIA conference in Toronto. The program has grown to offer one of the largest outdoor-art prizes in the country.


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