The top Doors of Downtown Orillia were determined by combining public votes and a juried vote. Normally we award prize money to the top three, but this year numbers were so close we decided to award a fourth place as well.

Winners were announced at the annual Starry Night event in Orillia’s art block on August 22. Congratulations to all, and our heartfelt appreciation to all the artists whose work now grace our downtown and connect people to art.

First prize: $10,000.

1st prize: $10,000. “Invitation,” David Giannunzio and Erin Damery.

Second prize:

2nd prize: $5,000. “In the woods,” Marc Calverley.

3rd prize: $2,500.

3rd prize: $2,500. “Through and through,” Sean Dzierla.

4th prize: $1,000.

4th prize: $1,000. “Connected realms,” Angie Fraser.


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