Call to artists

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2 thoughts on “Call to artists

  1. marg gurr says:

    Leslie, I dropped off a design at your store yesterday but wanted to point out a few details to you. The stems on a few of the musical notes are backwords but can be reversed of course, and as far as the dates for Mariposa…I found both 1960 and 1961. I chose the former, but it can be changed as well…in fact if the design is of interest but the colour isn’t grabbing, I don’t have a problem swinging into another palette at all. Blue or green would be nice. I chose the orange and yellow only because of the identification with Mariposa over the years.
    It was really nice to meet you. You have vision and enthusiasm, and apparently a flair for diplomacy as well! Don’t leave Orillia…those attributes are in short supply. This is a great project and I’m sure it will do well!

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